Southland Farmer + Auckland Teacher = Love and Marriage???

This was NOT the equation I visualised when in 1981, aged 21, I packed my guitar and a few clothes into an old Austin 1300 and drove South looking for adventure. (Three crates of books followed by rail.)

I had a year of teaching under my belt and was now contracted to work for two years at a tiny rural school, in the most inland village in New Zealand. I was pretty sure I could cope with two years in the country before heading overseas — though my family and friends had their doubts. In fact Garston in the cool South (four houses, two churches, one hotel, a garage, post office and of course the school) was so very different from my city home by the beach in the warm North that I felt I’d already begun my O.E.*

Surprisingly I took to country life like a duck to water. Just before my two years was up, a quiet young farmer returned to his family’s farm for a few months between jobs. We met … and the rest is history.

35+ years, four children and a long teaching career later, I’m a teacher, writer, farmer’s wife, mother, grandmother and wannabe geek. Writing is my passion — blogging is the way I express it. The tech world fascinates me, photography intrigues, and travel is still a must. Give me family, food and a good book and I’m in heaven.

My name is Lyn McNamee and I’m glad to meet you here. Welcome.

*Overseas Experience

Farm view. Photo by Jenny McNamee
Farm view. Photo by Jenny McNamee