Blog owner Lyn McNamee and her grandson, Harvey.

In 1981 I bundled my backpack and guitar into an antiquated Austin and drove south. All my life I’d been a city chick, but now I was trying the country life.

But was I planning to stay there? Hell, no!

I was answering an S.O.S to teach for a couple of years in Garston — a village so small it wasn’t even on the map — then I’d be off on a great OE. Mind you, Garston — at the other end of the country —  was the opposite of my home city of Auckland in every way. So you could say my Overseas Experience had already begun.

One thing I wasn’t looking for was a husband. But when a quiet young farmer sauntered into my life it was love at first sight.

35 years and four farming kids later, I’m a writer, a teacher, a doting Grandma… and I still love that farmer and our southern country life.

Better still, I’ve discovered that Southlanders are artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and people who are willing to follow their passion. They’ve got stories to tell and dreams to go for.

And it’s my passion and privilege to share their stories with you.

Come On In.

View of the McNamee farm and the valley beyond.