Down the Stairs

Every time I trot down the stairs at the Remarkables Mall I remember that once upon a time this was an impossible dream.

Once upon a time I would slowly dot-and-carry down the unending staircase, clinging to the rail for support.

And every step was pain-full. Each step brought the possibility of failure.  

My knees were so sore that ordinary, everyday activity was a trial, and actually getting fit a far off dream.

At least once a week I had nightmares about being caught in the middle of traffic (with no clothes on, lol) with my knees just refusing to move.  

I was 55 and, as my 79-year-old mum remarked, I was even more decrepit than her. (Thanks, mum.)

And I am thankful beyond words that those days are behind me.  It has been a long road to recovery, without medical intervention, I might add, because although it felt so bad and limiting to me, I was nowhere near bad enough to consider any sort of surgery.

So with a combination of supplements , shoes, exercise and most recently acupuncture, I can do the aforementioned stair trotting any old time I please. 

And that’s why I’m so grateful, today, to go up and down the stairs.

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