Indigestion: Such A Horrible Pain

Have you ever experienced indigestion?

Indigestion is an innocuous word for an absolutely horrible feeling. At best it feels like acid rising out of your stomach and up towards your throat. That’s painful enough but antacids will quickly solve it.

But at its worst, pain grasps your stomach, throat, belly and chest. It claws at your gut and refuses to release. You breathe in shallow gasps because it hurts to fill your lungs. Your abdomen is tight, bloated and full of wind. Even your heart hurts. Antacids take forever to kick in. Walking around eases the pain a little, as does drinking hot water. Often it just goes on and on until you vomit.

As you can imagine, after an attack like that your stomach is upset for hours, sometimes days. It’s not much fun!

Tablets Can Help Sometimes

There’s a whole heap of medicine out there dedicated to the relief of indigestion so that you don’t get to that worst-case scenario, and I’ve taken them all. They worked fine for a long time, but in the past few months the long- term, daily-dose pill suddenly stopped working. Oh no! There I was, back in that state where I was popping antacids two, three, even four times a day  just to keep the indigestion at bay.

A Lasting Solution  

Once my sisters and I started the Blitz — Healthy Eating Challenge: Putting on the Blitz — I learned a very important lesson. My body simply won’t tolerate processed junk any more.

During the first three weeks of this healthy eating challenge, I’ve only had indigestion once , and that was the weekend we went out for a meal twice in the same day.  I ate the healthiest things on the menu (which wasn’t saying much) but that night — OUCH! Not the worst kind, but it sure hurt. Back on the Blitz the next day and my stomach was back to normal thank goodness.

A Wake-Up Call

This is a wake-up call because now I realise with my whole being, this is not a game. It’s not something I can do for a while, but then let old habits slip back over time (as has happened in the past.) Forget about  losing weight — that’s a nice by-product, but it’s not the goal any more. Now the health of my digestive system is my number one priority and motivation.

Of course I won’t be Blitzing for life — that’s not realistic. But I will be committing very seriously to eating whole, healthy food once the Blitz is finished. You won’t see pizza, cakes or chips in my hand again. I’m not even tempted by them. I’d far rather eat food like this:

Indigestion Buster: A bowl of quinoa, rice, mushrooms,, spinach decorated with pear slices.
A delicious meal from Week 2.

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