Newsletter Subscribers: That Vital Confirmation Email

Remember To Click On Confirmation Emails, Please

I love my newsletter subscribers. Most bloggers do. These are the people who enjoy your blog enough to want to connect with you. They trust you to send emails and newsletters that they would like to read.

Before your email list begins, it feels like you’re writing to a faceless group: maybe, one day, someone will read, but you don’t know who. But when people become newsletter subscribers, suddenly they become real. You write for them and it gives a whole new impetus and meaning to your blog. That’s why I love my list.

Privacy Laws

There are all sorts of rules around internet security and privacy these days.  Governments are beginning to wake up to the issue of invasion of privacy and they are taking it very, very seriously.

The EU has announced  new measures around what online businesses can and cannot do with their subscribers’ information, and that includes bloggers, of course.

This is absolutely right and proper. I personally would not want to do anything to jeopardize your privacy.

But it leaves me with a sad problem.

Newsletter Subscribers

Right now, I have people sitting in my list who have replied to my newsletter subscription popup… BUT THEY HAVEN’T CLICKED THAT CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

Maybe they changed their minds, and that’s okay. That’s what the confirmation is designed for. To allow a change of heart.

But maybe they just forgot? Or put it in the “I must do that” basket? Or perhaps they just didn’t see the email.  I DON’T KNOW.

And, sadly, I am legally not allowed to contact them again. If you don’t confirm your subscription, you won’t hear from me again.

Back view of woman on beach at sunset.
I’m so sad to have missed you.


So please, please, in the future,  remember to confirm your subscription if you want to join a newsletter or any other group which has a double opt in. 

Please don’t think I ignored you. Please don’t think I didn’t want to hear from you.

And if you have by a wonderful chance, come back to my website for a second look, even after not hearing from me again, do please hit that subscribe button again.

I really would love to connect with you.

Newsletter Opt In

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