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The Wonderful World Of Podcasts

I’m excited to tell you about the latest podcasts I’ve found. Ever since I wrote about discovering podcasts in Listen and Learn, I’ve gradually been broadening my net and I’ve got some great ones to share with you today.

Whatever your interest there’s a show for you. And the wonderful thing is that many podcasts turn difficult topics into interesting and understandable episodes. What’s more they enlighten and explain in an entertaining way. After being bogged down in the daily grind of teaching for the last few years these podcasts have opened up my mind again. Here are three of my current passions.

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain opens up the world of psychology to ordinary people like you and me. The first episode I listened to was an interview with celebrated actor Alan Alda, about good and bad ways to communicate. ” Alan is a tremendous actor, so this was a particularly digestible podcast to introduce me to the world of Hidden Brain. It was funny and full of anecdotes, but certainly got the point across. It made me want to read his book too. “If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look On My Face?” Just the title is enough to get me hooked, now that I know the book exists.

Since that first episode, I’ve listened to podcasts about

  • Envy (Counting Other People’s Blessings)
  • Judgement and memory (Think Fast with Daniel Kahneman)
  • The “double bind” facing women in power (Men: 45, Women: 0)
  • And a fascinating one about how the language you speak can shape how you see the world (Lost In Translation.)

How I Built This

How I Built This tells the stories of entrepreneurs who have built some of the iconic businesses we know and love today. Yesterday I listened to Jimmy Wales describe how Wikipedia came into being. Last week I heard how James Dyson made 5000+ prototypes of his revolutionary vacuum cleaner, one at a time in his back-garden shed, before the first version finally hit the market. Grit, determination, teamwork and the ability to recognise and grab an opportunity when it comes along seem to categorise each of the inspiring people I’ve listened to so far. I need to get more of that, for sure!

Planet Money

I’ve just begun listening to Planet Money, but if all its episodes are as interesting as “The Golden Rules” I know that I’ll love this podcast too. Did you know that a US citizen can still go and literally drive a stake in the ground on public land and stake a gold claim? The law that governs that is still the one that was drafted during the 1800s gold rush. I wonder if we can do that in New Zealand?

As the name suggests, this podcast channel is all about economics, something most of us should probably understand better than we do. I’m all for something that will help me know more about how economies big and small are run.

All three of these channels are part of the NPR (National Public Radio) network in the USA so of course they’re slanted towards American tastes and attitudes. I still found them fascinating, and broad enough so that other cultures could enjoy them too.

There are several other podcasts currently on my radar. If I love them I’ll let you know in my fortnightly newsletter. For a round-up of recent posts, and exclusive newsletter content, please subscribe in the button below or in my pop-up.  It would be wonderful to meet you there.


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