Putting on my wedding ring

Today I’m so pleased to be able to put my wedding ring on again.  

On Christmas Eve the muscles in my arm, wrist and hand cramped up. It was awful: my fingers curled and my whole hand seemed to spasm. Ouch.  We were out walking at the time, so all I could do was massage my hand and fingers, trying to loosen them up.  (I also spent time worrying that there were no doctors open, the hospital was 90 minutes away, if my fingers started turning blue I’d have to call an ambulance…)

That didn’t happen.

By the time I got home the cramp had eased but my fingers were swelling.  

With the help of soap and hand cream I managed to take off my wedding ring.  You know me, I’m so good at losing things – I was terrified that I’d forget where I put the ring, so I took special note that I was putting it in the pocket of my toilet bag. (Memory tip: Speak what you’ve done out loud. Create a picture in your mind and give that picture a “clue” so that when the clue comes to mind, the picture does too. Sounds crazy, but it really does work.)

Anyway, fast forward to today.  After four acupuncture sessions I suddenly thought about my ring.  Did I remember where it was?  You bet.

I felt so grateful when I slipped it back on my finger.

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