Quizzing Trivia Online

There’s nothing like a good dose of quizzing trivia to stimulate your mind, exercise your memory and keep your brain active. Pub quizzes, TV shows, quiz games and even the newspaper are all great sources of trivia entertainment. But today I want to introduce you to my favourite: the online world of Sporcle.

What’s Great About Sporcle?

Sporcle is a Quiz Master’s dream: a free website with an enormous number of quizzes available, in a variety of styles. You can go with the flow and click on their popular or suggested links. Categories gives another set of choices, or you can search for a particular quiz or topic. There’s a blog and a quiz lab.  Groups and badges provide extra encouragement and you even have the opportunity to create your own quiz if you’re so inclined.

All these features are great; easy to use and the ads which pay for it all are not intrusive. But there’s another reason why I love Sporcle, and that’s the way it helps me learn.

Quizzing Trivia Teaches New Knowledge

I love trivia but there are many gaps in my knowledge, and Sporcle is an excellent way to fill them in. For years geography has been my downfall at the local quiz competition. To my everlasting chagrin I just couldn’t get my head around where all the countries fitted in around the globe. Not anymore.

Thanks to Sporcle, I can name all 197 countries large and small, and locate them on the map what’s more. I can tell you the 50 states of the US as well (and name all the Presidents for good measure.)

This didn’t come easy. I’ve had to do those particular quizzes countless times to learn all that, so I have to tell you I’m quietly proud of those achievements. It doesn’t stop there. I’ve just mastered the Nato Alphabet, another one of those little lists that I always wanted to know.

To Sum Up

All in all, I find Sporcle an interesting, informative, time-consuming website. It broadens my knowledge, improves my memory and stimulates my brain, all at the same time. It exercises my self-control muscle too: I have to finish this article before I’m “allowed” to do another quiz.

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