Save Your Phone From the Kids.

There are plenty of reasons why you should keep kids away from your phone.  

Too much screen time.

Have you seen how much time children spend in front of screens of all shapes and sizes these days?  Television, tablet, iPod, Computer, It’s scary when you add it all up. They don’t need to touch your phone too.

Much better to send them outside to play — or settle down with a game, or a book. Old-fashioned fun it may be to them, but it’s a much-needed break from the realities of modern life. You could join in — after all, you need a break too.

They might muck up your settings.

After all, you spent a LONG time getting your phone just so. Everything is  exactly where you want it. Let the kids loose on it and who knows where every app will end up. And there’s nothing more frustrating than searching in a desperate hurry for the app that used to be on your home page and isn’t any more.

You have important stuff in there.

Emails, texts, contacts, banking apps… there’s plenty of information on your phone that you really don’t want anyone to share. One wrong finger tap and it could all disappear — or be shared with the world. Either way, it’s enough to make you grab your phone back now.

But the REAL reason you should never let kids near your phone is…

They will beat your high scores every single time!


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