The Easiest Tech Tip Ever

How many chargers do you have in your life? How many flash drives/USB sticks/”those stick things”? I’ve got thousands!

Well no, of course that’s a massive exaggeration, but it’s fair to say I’ve got heaps. And I bet you’ve got a few too.

Now, when you come to insert a charger into your phone/tablet/other device, or a flash drive into a USB port this is what happens: you try to put it in one way — it doesn’t work. Then you turn it the other way — it still doesn’t work. SO you turn it back the first way and hey presto! It goes in.

I have wasted hours of my life trying to put those damn things into their slots. (Oops – exaggeration again. Well, minutes, anyway.)

Today I noticed this.

Charging Cable Symbol


That tiny symbol means THIS WAY UP. It’s on (almost) every thingamy I own.

Please tell me I’m not alone in never noticing this before!!!

In my (and possibly your) defense, the size of the symbol ranges from tiny to miniscule, and the colour range is THE most difficult imaginable for my poor old eyes, BUT STILL…

I will never have a problem with this again.

And neither will you.

Bonus Tip 1. I just found out that the “thingamy” is actually called a connector. USB charging cables

Bonus Tip 2. To make life even easier I’ve drawn a bright red dot on the symbol side of each and every connector I own.

2 Replies to “The Easiest Tech Tip Ever”

  1. Thanks, Steph. Yes isn’t it. I never get mixed up now.
    There’s another handy hint in my post about comments too. Hop on over and find out how to edit comments in Facebook. I was so pleased when I discovered that little gem.

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