Your Thoughts On Time Of My Life?


The Puzzle of Time

Time is such a weird thing. Astronomically it marches on relentlessly: each day is 24 hours, each hour 60 minutes.

And yet our brains disagree. To us time is elastic; try waiting for a kettle to boil or paint to dry. There’s a reason we only have 1 minute tribute silences at Football Games  that minute seems to last forever!

But stay one more minute in bed after the alarm rings and it turns into five just like that.

A day can drag, minute by agonizing minute, or it can be gone in a flash.

And so it seems like both an incredibly long,  and equally short, time ago that I started this blog. In reality it’s six months since I hit the Publish Button on my first post. Looking back at my early writing, some of the older articles are in desperate need of a re-write. I’ve improved a lot since those early days.

What Do You Think?

But it’s time to take stock and ask what you think. What would you like to see on Time Of My Life? What posts and categories are you loving and what not? I’ve had plenty of verbal feedback from friends and family over the past couple of months and really appreciate every constructive comment. They are so helpful.

Will you help too?

Please take a couple of minutes to fill in my short survey and have your say on Time Of My Life.

 It won’t take up much of your time but it will make all the difference to mine.


I'd love to hear from you.

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